New: API for Sustainable Sourcing Scan


The API for the Sustainable Sourcing Scan (SSS) has recently been launched. The request for this came from three users of the SSS, namely Dutch Flower GroupHilverda de Boer and Royal Lemkes. Using the API, users can now process and consult the output from the SSS in their own BI systems. The API also works for the subaccounts of your own (retail) customers.

The webservices provide all of your growers as a response for a selected period, including the purchasing volume and the percentages of sustainable and non-sustainable according to FSI-standards. The volume is broken down to; ISO country code based on production country, Risk country, Social, GAP and Environmental/Record Keeping. In addition, there is the option to further split the volume to GPC Brickcode. This makes it even easier for users to gain insight into sustainable purchasing volumes, within their own BI systems.

More information about using the SSS API can be found in the manual on the website.