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Floridata is a non-profit foundation that is active in the floriculture sector. Floridata has been hosting and facilitating the Sustainable Sourcing Scan on the Floridata Portal since 2017.
These companies have been using the SSS for a number of years.

In addition to the SSS, Floridata also offers other services, such as market and credit information. This information is only available to participating traders. The initiative for Floridata was taken from the sector when the HBAG was dissolved in 2014 and the need for knowledge on credit information and market figures continued to exist. In recent years, Floridata has expanded and extensively digitized its services. Floridata guarantees completely confidential processing of data as a “Trusted Third Party”.

On Floridata’s blog you can read the current events in the floriculture sector.

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If you are a trader and want to use the SSS, you can do so via the registration page at www.floridata.nl.